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Hockey is usually in the local daily news for all the wrong reasons – at least in the United States.

Here are the top 5 reasons hockey appears at the bottom of U.S. Sports daily news:

First, the National Hockey League has yet to attract a significant hardcore fan base in the United States. How can it expect to pete against the likes of the money-printing factory called the NFL? Not far behind in its popularity and stature is the no-longer fledgling UFC. Both of these sports have cented themselves in the all important 18 to 35 year old male sports fan category and do not appear to be losing any ground.

The NHL is primarily a gate-driven revenue model, aning, the majority of its dollars are earned via ticket sales, plus so rchandising revenue. However, both the NFL and UFC are rchandising behemoths. It seems at every restaurant or watering hole one goes to on a Friday night, the aepted dress code now includes an NFL jersey or a UFC irt! The NHL just isn’t sexy enough. There aren’t as many beer rcials with Bud girls wearing hot pink pumps.

Second, the perception still persists among casual hockey fans that hockey is too violent. Canadian daily local news coverage of hockey spotlights goals and goalie saves more so than Arican dia coverage. Hockey fighting is given a more negative tone by U.S. dia. One could argue that the UFC is much more grotesque in its offering but the UFC has done a masterful job in portraying itself as the close hybrid cousin to martial arts Wholesale Jerseys , a disciplined and honourable pursuit by real athletes and not bullies and thugs – think Bruce Lee.

Perhaps the NHL ould take a page out of the UFC’s marketing mantra and consistently educate its prospective fan base about the ‘code of honour’ that existed ever since hockey’s original six teams first played. Not unlike an ining fast ball high and tight for so chin music, or, an errant elbow or pu on a layup, hockey pugilism also has its place to maintain, ironically, integrity in its sport.

Third, concussions stymies hockey at every level so dia coverage can’t help but be negative. Bigger, faster, and more agile players are launching themselves at each other with ever greater force and the results are devastating.
Interined with the concussion issue is the relationip hockey fights have on the ntal health of players. Canada’s top junior hockey league is now discussing very seriously the possibility of removing certain fighting from its league. For example, ‘staged fighting’ where players invite one another to fight to motivate their respective teams Cheap NFL Jerseys , or create energy for the fans in attendance is on the chopping block. It did not help that the sumr of 2011 saw the passing of three NHLers who were all recognized ‘enforcers’ for their teams.

Fourth, the regional nature of grassroots hockey in the U.S. is very distinct, resulting in limited regional, not national, dia coverage. Southern California, Michigan, Maine and Ohio are the hockey hubs for youth hockey whereas . Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys

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