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so as I enter I blurt out his name (fake name in this case) “Bill!” asics gel noosa tri 8 mujer baratas , I see a man in the far corner stand up, I stop to bring him to me, to slow him down I act like my cell phone got a text message, my head goes down to look at my phone, he automatically takes the trigger that he’s not rushed and slows down (sub thought: he’s indirectly impressionable). I slightly raise my head and focus partial peripheral vision on his walk and notice the following: left hand casually in pants pocket, right hand sways slightly then up to his face and his index finger forms a pulled trigger position and clears his nasal passage on the right, then the left, he’s wearing a traditional blue suit with a red tie comprar asics gel lyte 33 , shoes are expensive, slightly worn but polished and black with a matching belt, his left foot slightly turns in as he walks, hair is thinning, blonde, no facial hair. When he is within arm’s length of me he reaches his right arm out to shake my hand, I give in (my giving in gave him a sense of dominance) he grabs my hand tight and holds it a few seconds longer than is comfortable (sub thought: he’s establishing position at the intro, his extended hand squeeze and gleaming eye contact force me to counter) and as he is about to let my hand go asics gel saga rojas , I squeeze and place my left hand on top of the shake and pull back to release the hand and to counter this attempt to take control of this process, it works. As we walk back he initiates small talk, this is a prototypical subconscious response to stress so I know that whatever he says is garbage and I begin to assess the walk in the lobby: left hand in pocket, right hand is moving, he is right handed (doesn’t mean much now but maybe it will in our interview), right hand came up to clear the individual nasal passages (sub thought: it’s not flu season nor is it allergy season) I glance at his face as we are walking together and notice subtle hints of perspiration, the nasal flaps are pink, at this time I’m wondering if it could be the WASP executives drug of choice asics gel lyte iii baratas , the blue suit is expensive and well maintained (affluent financial earnings allow for costly garb and upkeep which supports his financial claims but I need to see the past two year tax returns for validation), the red tie is reputed to be a power color(sub thought: interesting choice of color. Western Christian associations with red are sin, sex, the devil and anger. Does he have a temper? What are the rage triggers?), left foot slightly turning in at the forward push of each step (I glance at his shoes) non corrective, it’s not a limp and there is a unique mark of wear on the portion of his foot that comes down first (sub thought: this is not a recent injury) with one more glance I see he’s severely flatfooted as indicated from the broken arch and slanted leather shoe heal (sub thought: he was brought up on a flat urban landscape as a strong, high arch is created when children walk barefoot and in various terrains, typically suburban asics gel lyte v españa , potential liberal persuasion introduced tolerance of many well off inner-city Caucasians) , matching black belt and shoes demonstrates attention to detail and fashion and in combination with the clean shave and perfectly combed blonde hair and magnetic personality I believe the root of the insecurity that perpetuates his overachievement mentality is becoming quite clear (sub thought: glance at his hand, no wedding band, combination of characteristics introduces a strong possibility of an alternative lifestyle which is not a problem if he’s out of the closet but could pose a major issue for longevity if he’s in denial do the statistical unpredictable and reckless lifestyle that comes from this combination of age and denial). Walking into my corner office I walk behind my desk and leave him to choose from two different chairs in front of my desk, one is directly across from me as I sit in my chair and the other is slightly to the left which means I would have to adjust my position for a solid visual during our conversation, he chooses the left (sub thought: another unconscious attempt by a seasoned executive to take control of the meeting, as I sit I slightly move in the direction which makes it even more difficult for an easy eye to eye visual and I just start talking, he then moves to the other chair again demonstrative of an intelligent person that is voluntarily controlled with an indirect trigger. I make a mental note). He settles into the chair with a straight spine asics black friday , shoulders back without flexing the latissimus dorsi or pectoralis muscle groups, hands gently placed on the knee of his top leg crossed over the other at the thigh. His seated position demonstrates an educated and confident senior executive, well bread, seasoned with cultural interests and there is nothing alarming about the position with the exception of the current position of his chin that doesn’t match the rest of his seated position as it is unnaturally lowered almost covering his throat (sub thought: natural primal brain triggered defense mechanism to guard the jugular when emotionally in defense mode, upon further examination the defense is harmless and executive is not in offensive reactionary mode which would display flexed latissimus dorsi and puffed out pectoralis muscles, another primal brain response prominent in less educated lower level managers with multiple insecurities and a reactionary fear trigger and as expected, as he relaxes the chin comes up and his seated position reflects the intellectual and emotionally evolved executive that is spelled out on the CV). By now I’ve begun to establish a very solid baseline from which to construct a profile. As we start to talk I try to keep it relaxed with chit chat but during this small talk I’m sure to continue with the profile by finding out his ‘tells’. A combination of factual and creative trigger questions to cue eye movement pa.

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