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You have made it through freers week at university or college relatively unscathed. So whats the next hurdle in student life? Well trying to feed your self on a budget can be a daunting prospective never mind tually cooking. The main advice is eating is essential! You may think that you can survive on booze and coffee but eventually youll be ill.Food for many of you will be sothing that you have just taken for granted. You e ho from schoolcollegework and there is a dinner waiting for you nike roshe flyknit for sale , you get up in the morning and there is cereal in the cupboard and milk in the fridge. So feeding yourself may e as a bit of a ock when you first arrive at University or College. You may think you can get by with biscuits and take-away but, depending on how flu you are, you will eventually run out of money and have to cook. But, fear not, because the following pages contain so fantastic advice on how to eat on a budget.ShoppingStudents pride themselves on knowing where to buy the cheapest beans, bread and margarine. You may think students eating beans on toast is a bit of a clich&eute; but this is just about the cheapest way to fill yourself up.Look for “value”, “smart price” or “no frills” ranges they dont taste quite as good as the leading brand but they dont cost anywhere near the sa.Find out when your local supermarket closes! Because just before it closes they will be selling off stock that expires that day on the cheap. Also get to know where the “specials” are in your local and buy these as often as you can.It pays not to be too fussy when it e to food. Dont go opping with a set idea of what you want to eat, make a list of the basics you need and then be flexible with the rest buy what is cheap! That way your diet is varied.UtensilsJamie Oliver may have a kitchen full of pans, knives, funky crockery, whisks, spatulas, mandolins and blowtorches but students dont & you dont need them!You can get by with a heavy frying pan, a saucepan, a stirring spoon, a spatula, a chopping board nike free 4.0 flyknit black and white , a arp knife, a bread knife, 2 big plates, 2 sets of cutlery, 2 large mug (large enough for serious cups of coffee or for a whole can of soup), 2 large wine glasses, 2 pint glasses, a salt grinder and a pepper grinder. This ouldnt cost much, well within your student budgetBasics: Having these things in you cupboard all the ti will an you can always make a al in a hurry!Flavourings: Sugar, salt (preferably sea-salt), pepper (as in peppercorns), garlic, chilli powder, coriander, mixed herbs and stock cubes (selection).Consumables: Rice, pasta (apes and spaghetti), bread nike free 3.0 flyknit sale , potatoes, onions, tinned tomatoes, tinned beans, tinned spaghetti, tinned soup, tinned tuna, tinned anchovies and tinned at.Fre stuff: Carrots, cabbages, murooms, tomatoes, lettuce and courgettes.Fridge stuff: Cheese, margarine, Philadelphia, orange juice, beer, wine nike flyknit lunar 2 black white , vodkaFreezer stuff: Pizza, pies, chicken and frozen veg.CookingBuy a good cookbook! Jamie Olivers “Happy days” book is full of simple, forting and quick dies that are ideal for students, But unless you are Jamie Oliver or Delia Smith, start off with simple dies and gradually learn what works and what doesnt.So flavours naturally go with so ats, chicken and lemon for instance but so binations really dont work beef and lemon is a good example of a revolting bo!Pasta is a freers and students staple and goes with almost anything and is cheap and quick, but you will end up Over dosing on it!If it doesnt go with pasta then it will go with rice!Meat is expensive, so use lots of veg, which is also good for you, to bulk out your als.Soups can make very good pasta sauces or bases for stews.Salads are very easy, very quick and very healthy. Also if youre a freer with culinary or artistic flair they can look like youve been slaving over them for hours.Roasting at is a very good way of cooking food. It allows you to put your dinner in the oven and then retire to a fy chair with a bottle of whatever but be careful not to get too drunk and forget the food is in the oven!If any als are included in the price of your modation try to get to them. If the food is bad then get it changed if they only serve breakfast till 8 oclock then get the tis changed. You are paying for a service so make sure the service works for you!Finally, whatever your approh to cooking and eating at University, try new things. There will be people from all different bkgrounds, regions and countries and they will be eating all manner of different things. Try them! University and college is a learning experience and not just in the ademic sense.And finally students have e ross, as you will, so incredibly bizarre eating habits at University and college. Here are so of the strangest.A student who ate this everyday and nothing else! 1 bowl of corn-flakes cheap nike huarache free 2012 , semi-skimd milk, a roast chicken, salad, hallumi cheese and diet coke he ate this for 3 years without change!One girl freer who ate only apples, biscuits and crisps for an entire first yearThe student who lived on cuppa soup and lived.Of course there are the standard new year's resolutions: stop smoking, drink less, eat healthier, make more money, spend less, save more, invest wiser, be nicer, spend more time with the people you love. This short list probably takes care of well over 90% of all New Year's resolutions. Unfortunately most people don't get much further than that. And to make matters worse most of their resolutions will have been forgotten before January has passed. If you're a success oriented person however your list will probably be very different. And your resolutions probably last a bit longer than January too. Some of your resolutions may have already worked wonders and your new year did indeed turn out to be your best year ever. Yet for others the New Year may have been more of the same. Nothing much changed. You had some good ideas, a number of goals and the intention to do something about them, but when you .

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