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in Artikel 05.11.2015 03:28
von chanah | 72 Beiträge | 432 Punkte

At least not the way it is being taught by the thousands of people on "The Secret" bandwagon. To me a law is measurable nike flyknit trainer comprar , repeatable and predictable. Let me explain. If I think about having a million dollars in the bank, will it happen just by my focusing on it? I do not think so. If I dream about a date with Pamela Anderson, I can make it happen. Not likely. Even with the examples above, does the Law of Attraction make sense? Sure. Sometimes. It can help you get clear. It can help you focus. It starts the process of moving towards what you want and moving you away from what you do not want. So why does it not work for everyone, all the time. Good question. If I knew I would be teaching that and making millions. But let me tell you what I know about the Law of Attraction from my personal experience. Many people spend all day thing about what they want. This is good. But they do not think through what it takes to reach their wants; it never makes it to a goal. They never take action. Let assume the goal is to make a million dollars. You need to ask yourself "How can I make a million dollars?" You need to understand what you can provide to others that would inspire them to buy from you. "How much do I need to sell and at what price?" I think it was Zig Ziglar who said "find out what people want and give it to them." So what do people want that you can provide? How do you know they will buy from me? How do you know it has value? What is that value? You need to do my research and determine what people want. You need to determine what you can provide. You need to determine what you am going to give up too achieve your goal. If you are not getting the desired results, what are you going to give up so you can replace this nonproductive behavior with a more productive behavior? Einstein was correct when he said "insanity is doing the same things over again and expecting different results." What insane behavior are you keeping? What do you need to change to achieve you goal. What steps are you doing to take? Will you give up two hours of television a day and use this time to do research, learn a new skill or create plan? What education do you need? What people do you need to meet? What skills do you need to develop? Does the Law of Attraction work? Yes nike flyknit lunar 3 baratas , I think it does provided... You clearly define the outcome you want. You set a date on when it will happen. You understand the value you provide to achieve you desired outcome. You take action. You are emotionally invested in the outcome. I once hear the term used called "inspired action." I think it was James Ray who first introduced me into that term. I think inspired action is critical to any kind of meaningful achievement, especially if you are using the Law of Attraction. If you are not inspired (emotionally invested in the outcome) you will not take action. If you decide to take action, you will not stick to you course of action when thing get difficult unless you are inspired. You will not learn the skills necessary or surround yourself with the right people without inspired action. You will not get out of your comfort zone to take action unless you are inspired. So how do you answer all these questions? It is easy to discuss them in an article but how do you answer them. I can only tell you what worked for me. I do not know if this will work for you but I found the answer in a question. Not just any question, but in a very powerful way the question is asked. If we ask the question "How can I," the mind has a tendency to focus on one specific outcome. It tries to answer the question how. If we ask this question: "how the chicken can cross the road?" the mind will stop when we answer it. The chicken can cross the road by walking across. If we change the question to "in what ways can the chicken cross the road?" we are now open to different possibilities. The chicken can cross the road by walking, flying, running nike flyknit lunar 2 comprar , hitching a ride, etc. This type of question allows the mind to be open for possibility. You start to see things in an entirely different light. Ask yourself this question and have a pencil and paper ready to record the different answers. This question is most effective in a group. I have seen some powerful answers to some difficult questions materialize. I have successfully (occasionally) used the Law of Attraction. When I analyze why it worked for me, I determined two very important things. The first is the way I asked the question. It is not how, but in what ways. The second aspect that is critical for me is a strong emotion attachment to a specific outcome. Let me give you an example. Several years ago I lost my job. Shortly after I lost my job my wife was in a traffic accident. Her 10 year old van was destroyed. She was not hurt. Since I was not working I was really worried about spending money on another vehicle even though I knew we needed two vehicles. I did have insurance but the pay-out was too low to replace the car. I was looking at a significant cash outlay to replace this vehicle. I knew I needed to do something but I was so afraid to act. So afraid I got myself tied up in a knot. After a week of no sleep and lots of anxiety, I decide I needed to do something. I had a few requirements: it has to be newer so I was not being nickled and dimed on repairs and it had to be safe (since my wife would drive it.) Finally I started looking for a good used car. I went to a car dealer and looked at used cars. I settled on a Ford Taurus. The price was $8500. I thought I was ready to buy. At the last minute I chickened out and left the dealership without making a purchase. On my drive home I knew I needed to trust myself and since I believed in the universal Law of Attraction, I needed to trust that as well. I actually told myself if I really believed this I needed to buy this car and trust everything would work itself ou.

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