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2018 NFL draft quarterback class primer:Everything you

in Die ignoranten Massen 08.01.2018 03:46
von pinkpink | 107 Beiträge | 642 Punkte

Feels like last year we heard a ton of pre-draft talk about how the quarterback class wasn't so great. Turns out it had Deshaun Watson, who was pretty special until tearing his ACL in practice in early November. And Mitchell Trubisky ended up starting for the Bears before it was all over. Heck, DeShone Kizer started for the Browns right away ... although maybe he shouldn't have.

Anyway, that was last year. This year's quarterback draft class is the talk of the NFL town. It has been since last offseason. Seriously, at the combine last year, teams would moan about the quality of the quarterbacks in the draft and say, "But next year ..."

Well, next year is here, so how does it look? There are a couple of SoCal dudes still turning heads, a big guy in Wyoming who makes scouts drool and a Heisman-winning bad boy who may or may not be 6 feet tall. It's a fun group, and will dominate a lot of our attention in the four months leading up to the 2018 NFL draft.
So, let's have a bit of a look at where things stand, shall we? We'll include notes from ESPN NFL draft experts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay, plus insight from personnel people in the league.And skip to the end here to see which teams might actually draft one of these QBs in the first round.
Rosen caught everyone's attention with a 3,670-yard freshman season in 2015.NFL scouts love the way he looks in the pocket--his footwork, throwing motion,anticipation and accuracy.After an injury-plagued 2016 season,he rebounded in 2017 with numbers nearly identical to those he put up as a freshman.
Injuries set in again,though, and with Chip Kelly and a new coaching staff on the way in,it seems like a sure thing that Rosen will enter the draft.He's enough of a prospect to merit consideration at No.1 overall--especially if Sam Darnold doesn't come out.
From Kiper's Big Board: "I have Rosen over James Shields Authentic Jersey Darnold for now, but it's close, and things could change between now and April. ... There aren't many quarterbacks who can make the throws [Rosen] does."
Rosen is far superior [than Darnold] going through his progressions and has a pretty deep ball. He's a better QB right now, but that doesn't mean he will be down the line.
"Just so natural in everything he does on the field. You watch him in the pocket and it's Authentic Matt Murray Jersey like he was born to do it. The way he sees the field, the way he operates the offense, just total command. If I had Joonas Korpisalo Youth jersey his kind of natural ability, I think I'd be that way too." -- NFC offensive coach.

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RE: 2018 NFL draft quarterback class primer:Everything you

in Die ignoranten Massen 10.01.2018 08:21
von FinestCarpet123 | 41 Beiträge | 205 Punkte

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