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but more options never hurt

in Rainbowbase
26.11.2015 07:42
von Easyfutco | 15 Beiträge | 90 Punkte

well, sorry, you can't; you'll have to deal with EA's one-size-fits-all game.
Overall, the football-playing part of FIFA 16 UT is sorely lacking in customization options and also in tactical options. fifa 16 coins for sale The only aspect of your team you can change is formation and mentality, nothing else. You can't even decide who takes a corner kick or a penalty kick. I took a look at FIFA 14 while writing this review, and I was amazed at the depth of tactical options that game had compared to this one. I understand that EA probably tried to make the game more accessible to newer players, but more options never hurt; you just ignore them if you don't care about them. FIFA 16 UT doesn't even have player ratings at the end of each match, so you'll have no idea who's playing well and who's not. I could go on about all the really basic features missing from the game, but I think you get the picture. But hey, at least they've added goal celebrations for the first time, a feature EA has been trumpeting for months. So, yeah, priorities.
So, I'm sure the very perceptive among you have figured out how disappointed I am with FIFA 16 UT.
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