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About the advantages of laser cutting

14.06.2018 08:23
von miaoshuai | 141 Beiträge | 846 Punkte

Laser cutting machine has some significant advantages in the process of cutting, and has also made relevant narration before. This time we will focus on the significant advantages of laser cutting machine in cutting.
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1. Does not damage the workpiece: The laser cutting head does not come in contact with the surface of the material, ensuring that it does not scratch the workpiece.
2. Narrow kerf: The laser beam is focused to a very small spot so that the focal point reaches a very high power density. The material is quickly heated to the degree of evaporation and evaporates to form holes. With the relatively linear movement of the light beam and the material, the holes are continuously formed into narrow slits. The incision width is generally 0.10 to 0.20 mm.
fiber laser cutting machine,co2 laser cutting engraving machine,bending machine,shearing machine
3. Improve the speed of new product development: After the product drawing is formed, laser processing can be carried out immediately to get the new product in the shortest time.
4. Fast speed: cutting speed up to 10m/min, maximum positioning speed up to 70m/min, much faster than wire cutting.
5. The cutting quality is good: no contact cutting, the heat effect of the cutting edge is very small, there is basically no heat deformation of the workpiece, completely avoid the formation of the collapse edge when the material is punched and sheared, and the cutting seam generally does not need secondary processing.
6. High precision: Positioning accuracy 0.05mm, repeatable positioning accuracy 0.02 mm
7. Not affected by the hardness of the material being cut: The laser can process steel plates, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plates, hard alloys, etc. No matter what kind of hardness, it can be cut without distortion.
8. Not affected by the shape of the workpiece: The laser processing is flexible and can process arbitrary patterns, and can cut pipes and other profiles.
9. Non-metallic cutting can be processed: such as plastics, wood, PVC, leather, textiles, plexiglass and so on.
10. The cutting surface is smooth: the cutting surface is free of burrs, and the surface roughness of the incision is generally controlled within Ra12.5.
11. Save material: Using computer programming, you can use different types of products to complete the entire board material set, maximize the utilization of the material.
12. Saving mold investment: Laser processing does not require a mold, no mold consumption, no need to repair the mold, saving the time to replace the mold, thus saving processing costs, reducing production costs, especially for large-scale product processing.

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