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One of the biggest

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NEW DELHI, Nov. 27 (Xinhua) -- In a daring jailbreak, 10 armed men dressed in police uniforms broke into a prison in the northern Indian state of Punjab on Sunday and freed a militant commander and four other gangsters.

"The armed men stormed Nabha jail in Punjab early this morning, fired over 100 rounds of bullets and freed militant outfit Khalistan Liberation Force's chief Harminder Singh Mintoo and five other dreaded gangsters," a senior police official said.

The Khalistan Liberation Force is an insurgent group that is part of the Khalistan movement to create a Sikh homeland via armed struggle.

The 47-year-old Mintoo, who was arrested by police from Delhi airport in November 2014, is an accused in multiple terror-related cases across India. Others are well-known criminals mostly involved in running criminal gangs, the official said.

A massive manhunt has been launched to track down the five who escaped from the jail, the official said, adding a huge contingent of police force has also been sent to the area.

"Police checkpost have been set up in nearby areas too," he added.

This is the second major jailbreak recently. Last Month, eight "highly dangerous" members of the banned Islamist group Students' Islamic Movement of India escaped from a high-security jail in the central city of Bhopal. Hours later, police killed them in a gun battle.

BEIJING , June 22 (Xinhua) -- Although great improvement has been made in product quality, the general quality of China's products falls short of expectations, a report said.

The report on the implementation of the Product Quality Law was submitted to the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee at its bi-monthly session, which started Thursday.

Citing a survey that found 40 percent of firecrackers and induction cookers were substandard , the report said that a series of problems such as low-quality products and outdated standards have remained, especially in rural areas and online purchases.

The report called for a revision of the current Product Quality Law, which entered into force in 1993.

In addition, it suggested better information sharing , improved inter-agency cooperation on quality supervision and the establishment of a system to trace products.

China's J-10B fighter jet to join competition of int'l military game

HKSAR's fifth-term chief executive pledges to serve people with pragmatism

China donates 100,000 bags of relief food for drought-hit Kenya

Berlin Zoo says Chinese pandas will "feel at home"

Yoga fans practise yoga across China

Scenery of Zhagana mountains featuring Tibetan-style villages

Snow leopard cubs spotted at headwater region of Yangtze in NW China

In pics: 52nd Int'l Paris Air and Space Show

A woman’s physical structure is without a doubt noticeably diverse from a man’s, thus it will make sense that a women’s physical program would most likely also be completely different when compared to a man’s. Women have very different physique, fitness goals and trouble spots and have absolutely to design their fitness program accordingly.

Ladies have lots of different growth hormones in their body , these hormones don’t allow a women’s body to respond exactly the same way as a man’s. So a workout routine that works for a man, may not work or yield the same results for a women.

When you take a look at the average man, you will notice they have higher muscle mass percentage, along with a lower body fat percentage. The increase muscle mass of a man’s body allows him to burn fat faster , not to mention that a man can gain muscle much easier and faster.

On the other hand a women’s body is designed to have a higher body fat percentage, this is primarily for keeping the woman’s body healthy while going though pregnancy. This fact allows a woman’s body to gain and keep body fat a lot easier than men.

A woman’s ability to gain lean muscle mass is much lower than a man’s. Secondly, a women also carry their body fat in different areas than men do, so women’s workout routines have to be different and focus on those problem areas.

The hips , thighs and waist line are usually the problem areas for women, this is in relation to child bearing. So a women’s workout routine must focus on these areas.

The key to a women’s workout routine.

When creating a women’s workout routine we must pay close attention to the number of repetitions for each exercise, they will differ depending if she is wanting to gain or lose weight. This is the key for creating a women’s workout routine.

If we are designing a female weight loss program, we need to keep the number of repetitions high , with a light to moderate weight. This will allow you to burn fat and tone your muscles, without bulking up in muscle.

A light to moderate weight should be heavy enough to feel some resistance, but allow you to have a good full range of motion, from your first to last repetition.

A women’s workout routine should have three sets , with 20 repetitions in each set. If you can make it to the last repetition and aren’t even struggling, you should move up in weight.

The higher the reps in each exercise will tone and firm your existing muscles, without building up more muscle mass and increase your muscle size. This will create more lean muscle mass which in turn will speed up your metabolism to burn more calories whether you are active or not.

One of the biggest and most common mistake that women make, is that when they go to the gym with their husband or boyfriends , they use the same workout program as they do. So after only a few weeks, women then get upset and frustrated as they don’t see any results an.

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