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15.11.2018 09:46
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SHANGHAI , Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- National bank card association China UnionPay saw record payments during the National Day holiday, the association said Monday.

Payment over the China UnionPay network reached 1.37 trillion yuan (206 billion U.S. dollars) with a total of 728 million transactions. The daily averages went up 36.2 percent and 11.7 percent respectively year on year.

Xiamen City, in east China's Fujian Province, was among the areas with the highest increase, with daily transactions up more than 50 percent year on year , said Chen Han, a data analyst with China UnionPay.

Xiamen was already a popular travel destination, but the ninth BRICS summit held in early September further increased the city's appeal to tourists.

A total of 2.13 million tourists visited the coastal city from Oct. 1 to 8, a jump of 23.57 percent from a year ago.

China UnionPay is the country's largest bank card payment processor.

UnionPay cards are popular among Chinese tourists traveling abroad and accepted in more than 160 countries and regions around the world.

China had an eight-day holiday for National Day this year, one more day than usual as Mid-Autumn Day fell on Oct. 4.

?Secretive and silent , the ninja stalks via Japanese history like a shadow, striking concern into the hearts of peasants and emperors alike. Nowadays, the ninja has become a legendary, cult-like figure, displaying up in personal computer games and children’s cartoons , also as an entire genre of martial-arts action films.

Ninjas are all over the place. Ninjas are in films, ninjas are on Tv, there’s possibly a ninja clinging to the bottom of your desk right now. With their roots in the battlefields of 14th-century Japan, ninjas have been assassins who practiced the art of … oh, who cares? It does not matter where ninjas came from. All you have to know is that ninjas can completely kill you without even thinking about it. In reality , ninjas are so lethal that it takes an huge effort of will for them not to kill you. You are only alive simply because a ninja is attempting very tough not to shoot a blow dart through your neck right this minute. Ninjas are getting kind to us and but we haven’t returned the favor. Even so, ninjas have stealthily taken more than the planet inside the final few years and nobody over 30 saw it coming.

Apparently, Facebook isn’t the only on the web sphere where ninjas are turning into an issue – The LinkedIn Blog reports that the job title “Ninja” has become more and more common since 2002.

In accordance with LinkedIn, those who deem themselves “ninjas” often function with computers, social media , design, customer service, marketing and finance, and their status happen to be steadily expanding since the dawn of the century.

These days, the web has not been respectful to ninjas in spite of how common they appear to be on the web. Many people who say they really like ninjas are only pretending to really like them-and the much more they say they adore them , the more they may be actually creating entertainment of them. The Internet video series, “Ask a Ninja” could be the nadir of ninja Web humor, a brand of comedy created for people whose everyday lives are so vacuous that pop-culture references have grow to be the height of hilarity. Watch the videos on a website like Ninja Spirit, or visit a theme restaurant like Ninja in New York and encounter the type of industrial-strength, soul-killing , reflexively ironic emptiness that may possibly have been used to destroy Shin Sang-Ok’s talent. The ninja seems to have fallen into the clutches of the shallow and callow, match only to become an object of mockery for sad men-children.

?Japan? rediscovered the ninja in the 1950s and ’60s. They became favorite characters in comic books and films. The very first look of a ninja in a well-liked western perform was in the 1964 James Bond novel, “You Only Live Twice.” When the movie version appeared in 1967, the popularity of ninja exploded across Europe and North America. Since then, ninja have appeared everywhere. The G.I. Joe character Snake Eyes and his archenemy Storm Shadow were ninja. Martial arts star Chuck Norris fought off hordes of ninja in several of his popular action motion pictures. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been pop icons in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Some martial arts schools have taken up ninja coaching as a separate discipline , alongside the much more widespread forms of hand-to-hand combat training. The Modern day Ninja Craze is now centered on Ninjabook at NinjasU – a rapidly expanding social network some call “The Underground Facebook.” There you are able to create your ‘Ninja ID’ and detailed profile related to that of facebook, there’s surprisingly a lot of entertaining characteristics on the site such as ninja games as well as a Ninja or Not! ranking system.

Do you have a Ninja ID? Make your Ninja ID on Ninjabook now at Ninja Games, Ninja Photos, Ninja Cats! . Additionally check out the superb full featured article on Best Ninja Games.

Fitness Tips To Help You Obtain In The Most Effective Form Of Your Life

Fitness is important for all. Having suitable fitness is essential for living a long healthy life almost free of disease as well as physical ailments. Although, many people think having suitable fitness is challenging , it really is not. The fitness tips in the next article will aid you become healthy.

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