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16.11.2018 02:34
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In the world of pumps Wholesale Custom NFL Jerseys , there are many different designs from which you can choose. Some models use a diaphragm to move liquids from one place to another while others use plungers, gears or other mechanisms to accomplish the same task. For more than 100 years, one style of pumping device has served a myriad of functions, and they’re still in use today. You can visit an online retailer like PreFluid to see a full lineup of peristaltic pump head products Wholesale Throwback NFL Jerseys , but before you do, here’s a brief lesson about these versatile machines.

The Science Behind the Technology

For a better understanding of how these devices work, look no further than the interior of your own body. When you swallow food, it travels down your esophagus being pushed along by muscles in a process called peristalsis. This mechanism uses similar forces to push liquid from the reservoir to the outlet Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping , and it does it quite efficiently. With inspiration drawn from human organ systems, it makes sense that the first person to popularize the use of this pump was a surgeon, and he did it in 1931, a full 50 years after the inventor first patented the design.

The Components of the Unit

Inside the peristaltic pump head Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China , you’ll find several basic components. A flexible plastic tube loops in a semicircle around a central hub that rotates. Attached to this rotating segment are three or more rollers that press down on the tubing as they move around in a circle. The pinching produced by the moving roller pushes liquid forward while creating suction that draws more fluids into the system where the process is repeated. The rate of flow can be adjusted by simply changing the revolutions per minute.

Advantages of These Devices

The biggest advantage of these pumps is that the fluid never comes into contact with the actual pumping mechanism. This means that the device can be easily cleaned by either running cleaning fluid through the system or simply replacing the tubing when things get too messy to clean. The physics behind this design also means that they can handle high-viscosity substances in varying levels of thickness like slurries, gels and pastes.

What Are the Applications?

Because fluids are safely contained in tubing, these pumps are ideal for blood transfusions, dialysis and other medical procedures where it’s crucial to maintain sterility. Beyond the medical profession Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , the possibilities are endless for uses of this technology. Soft drink machines use them to measure out the proper amount of syrup to mix with soda water, and some printers even dispense ink via this method. You can even see these devices used in the water treatment industry or injecting liquid detergent into your load of laundry.

Embrace the Versatility

Now that you have a thorough knowledge of the peristaltic pump head, isn’t it about time to give this mechanical powerhouse the recognition that it rightfully deserves? Sure, they’re used in many different facets of daily life for the average person Wholesale NFL Jerseys , but there’s also a significant chance that one of these pumps is responsible for maintaining the good health of a friend or family member. Whatever pumping task these devices are asked to perform, it’s a safe bet that they’ll get the work done quickly and efficiently.
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