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Some of the tiny tips for self improvement?

in Die ignoranten Massen 11.02.2019 10:52
von Adriantoth | 1 Beitrag | 6 Punkte

I believe there are a few keystones to self- step up that one and all can start with.
1: Know yourself:
Without having a good kind of yourself first it is hard to improve. We must first know our strengths and our weaknesses and know why we behave the way we do.
As Lao Tsu famous Chinese theorist said “To know others is skill, to know yourself is Wisdom”
2: Meditation:
Is the most powerful do you can do to allow self-analysis and step up to take place? It creates mind space to allow new insights and focus to allow meaning.
A Zen Master once thought: “assume for at least 30 minutes a daytime, if not you are too busy then make it One hour”
3: Knowledge:
Knowledge is power and any self-build up practice should include normal class reading to expand your knowledge of how life works. But then you must relate that facts in your life.
A Master once held “To know and not do is to not know at all”
4: Emotional and spiritual board methods:
Build up ways to clear and heal toxic emotional energy such as anger, irritation, stress, jealousy, hatred. These are natural feelings but they need to be cleared often so they do not build up and cause further problems.
5: Physical health: Eat right and exercise.
Avoid too much false elements in food, the setting and fun substances. Balance it where likely to keep things flowing.
• Having a set of goals each year and getting as many of them as you can. Review again next year and make changes.
• caring yourself as you would love a new person. Trust me, most are quick to hate them.
These are the keystones to build a self step up plan upon.
I hope this helps but if you would like to get more self-build up ideas I combine knowledge from the East and West on my website cheap essay writing service.

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