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15.04.2019 10:34
von rxz123 | 1.045 Beiträge | 6270 Punkte

not places but certain states of consciousness and awareness. Transforming ourselves into gods Cheap Robbie Ray Jersey , or being perfect human beings are not mere idealistic dreams as some people would think. Many have reached this state and we can read about them in literature--in the so-called myths and legends of every culture. Only recently, relatively speaking, did knowledge concerning them spread all over the world in Occult, Theosophical and New Age literature. More and more people have come to realize the existence of these super-beings called Masters and Adepts, and our innate potential to attaining similar states.

One could well be skeptical concerning the existence of the Masters but some careful thought would prove that these perfect human beings must exist. For instance Cheap Jorge De La Rosa Jersey , look around us. Do we not sometimes come across someone who is a little more noble, more pure, more wise, more loving than others? And on the other side of the coin, do we not also come across persons who are more vile Cheap Brad Boxberger Jersey , lowly, foolish, crude, and uncouth? If some appear more perfect than others, is it not possible that there are those who are even higher on the scale of perfection? In our minds it is unthinkable to deny that this is not so.

What causes one person to be more perfect than another? Certainly it is related to the evolutionary process but why does Nature's evolutionary processes cause one person to far outstrip another? It is because some are not awakened as to their inner potential Cheap Shelby Miller Jersey , or disbelief the truth of their divine being, and thus will not do anything to unfold it.

Some people live as though they would physically live forever, this can be seen by the way they accumulate and pile up their earthly treasures without the awareness that nothing is permanent and that death as a rule is inevitable. Although it is known, we often forget that everything will be given up at the time of death and that we take nothing along with us but what we are and what we have spiritually become.

People are often obsessed with the idea that they can own things or other people. This is a fallacy that not many individuals are able or willing to admit and look into. People seek to be rich, to be famous Cheap Archie Bradley Jersey , to be popular, to be immortalized in history books and in the minds of men . . . and in such a frantic search or desire the true purpose of life is lost tracked of. To the writer's mind many of our concerns and preoccupations are irrational and out of skew or alignment with the evolutionary current. It is heart-breaking to see one's soul brother in the depth of the mire without their conscious realization and their rejection of one's offer for assistance. One's hand may be extended for assistance, but if there is no plea or call for help, or if the hand is not grasped, then nothing can be done except to standby and wait--sometimes to wait for many world cycles. The desire to progress must come from within although seeds may be planted in the prepared soil and nurtured daily hoping that the seed would sprout and see the light.

When one is ready to make that quantum leap to a higher consciousness Cheap Yasmany Tomas Jersey , to accelerate one's evolution, and desire to get better acquainted with one's essential nature, one would attract the attention of the spiritual guides of humanity. Some of these beings reside in the higher dimensions instead of the earth plane, but no matter where they are, the spiritual aspirant unconsciously sends a signal out to them and they respond by directing the aspirant to certain individuals Cheap Jake Lamb Jersey , books, metaphysical organizations or schools. The aspirant is introduced to the basics of the spiritual path. The teachings that master guides have to impart constitute the direct path of soul-unfoldment.

After evolving from beasthood, humanity is now lingering a little too long in its present consciousness level, or evolutionary state. The many problems of humanity may be traced to the stagnation of its present consciousness. The improvement of humanity and life as a whole is dependent upon the individual. We should first work upon our own unfoldment if we are to see beneficial permanent changes occurring in society. Manifesting a utopian civilization requires the improvement of the quality of human consciousness. This condition would improve one's genetic quality and metaphysically prevent the entry or embodiment of lower beings. Why? Because souls of a lower consciousness would have trouble running a complex physical organism. Metaphysics teaches the laws of spiritual-eugenics, and manifesting a spiritually-oriented Cheap Chris Owings Jersey , highly advanced technological race is one of its goals.

When lower beings no longer have the ability to incarnate in the human race, then there would no longer be any inharmonious condition on earth. There would no longer be any conflicts and wars. Love, peace, goodwill, and the brotherhood of men would be established as a living reality on Earth. This is not to say that beings of a lower consciousness will not evolve further. They would but at their own pace and in another planetary platform. This is essentially their soul choice.

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