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07.01.2017 03:43
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Moyes Decision Could End Up Costing United Over $335M - RealGM Wiretap
The decision to hire and eventually David Moyes could end up costing Manchester United more than $335 million USD asics gel hyper 33 dame , according to experts.

United won't be in the Champions League next season, which represents an $83 million loss of revenue in the form of television rights, prize money and gate receipts.

United will also likely spend just over $250 million on player acquisition.

Bayern Munich was in a similar position after failing to qualify for the 07-08 Champions League. Bayern had a net spend of approximately $100 million, which would be worth more than $167 million in today's dollars.

Moyes is believed to have agreed to a one-year severance package worth $7.5 million and the compensation for firing his staff is likely $2.5 million.

Brendan Rodgers Dismisses Airplane Protest As Short Termism - RealGM Wiretap

A plane carrying a banner that read “Rodgers Out Rafa In” was flown above Anfield before Liverpool's 2-1 win over Queens Park Rangers.

Brendan Rodgers laughed off the protest.

“Modern football now is very harsh and is very much short-termism,” said Rodgers. “But it has shown that over the years the majority of the teams that have that stability, and if the owners and players have that belief, then it will come good.

“What we have seen here over the last couple of years is that we are definitely on the right path. This year it’s been pretty clear that it has been disappointing but I think the opportunity arises for us again next season. There is some exciting talents coming in. The players that have come in, it’s been a difficult year for them but they will be better for it. All the new players are gaining experience about the pressures of Liverpool and, again asics gel lyte 33 dame , myself will be a better manager because of it.”

锘? I have lived on Long-guy-land all of my life (yes, 'on' -- a Long-guy-lander does not live 'in' the Island) and moved to South Carolina five years ago. For those unfamiliar with tha Island, LI is NOT Noo Yawk City and has a culture of its own. Long-guy-land, in fact, as I have learned since living in the south, has a language of it's own which I am told is highly abrasive to the eahs. Let me pouah a cup of cawfee first as I explain some of the adjustments of movin' to tha south. Not for nuthin', but within my first week I had unknowingly insulted my next-door neighba, Maxine. She had welcomed us to the neighbahood with a scrumptious homemade cake and eagerly joined us for some cawfee and a nice 'get-to-know-you-visit'. As the conversation progressed, Maxine said somethin' extremely funny in which I impulsively blurted asics gel nimbus 17 dame , "Get outta here!" Well, poor Maxine did just that. She got up and left. I looked ova to my husband dumbfounded...what's up with that? Then it occurred to me that she took my comment literally--she truly thought I wanted her to leave. Needless to say I had to apologize. I gotta be honest here, it took me awhile to get to know tha areah but I finally got it. In tha beginnin' I had no ideah that lickah stoahs were cawled 'package stoahs' and it took me foreva to find one. I still don't get the package stoah thing but at least I know what to do now...not that I go all that often. And then the tennis shoe thing. Oh, yeah, I forgot about that one. When my daughter started school, there was 'tennis shoes' on her school list. Well, first of all, no one in our family plays tennis and even if we did why woulda child in kindagawdin need tennis shoes? I called a neighba to explain my dilemma. It was as though we were talkin' two different languages and I wasn't gettin' it. Patiently, she finally suggested I go ova her house to see for myself. I come to discova that the tennis shoe thing was all about sneakas! Who knew! A tea drinker most of my life asics gel kayano 21 dame , when I heah 'sweet tea' I'm thinkin' just that: a cup of tea extra sweet, right? And iced-tea is the cold one. Not heah--sweet tea is the cold one...again, who knew? And then there's Coke. 'Coke' is the general term for any carbonated beverage. It doesn't matta if you drink it or not, it's called 'coke'. That one still get's me because I don't even like Coke. Having had worked in Manhattan for yeahs, I never realized how quickly a Noo Yawker walks or, rather, I really never thought about it before. Early on, a neighba, who I've since become very good friends with asics gel kayano 20 dame , cawled me to go to the mall with her. I was dying the entire time. First of all, a twenty-minute drive took foreva; she wasn't driving, she was crawling. I didn't get it, there was no traffic on the road but, trust me, no car went over 40 miles perhour. In Noo Yawk, my nickname was 'lead foot'. Then we get to the mall and the walk from the car to the mall was anotha foreva thing, Bobbie-Jo walked so-o-o-oo slo-o-o-oow. I tried to keep her pace, but kept gettin' ahead of her to where she finally said to me asics onitsuka tiger norge , "hey, slow down, Judi -- what's your rush, anyway?" She had a point, I wasn't in a rush but.... The walkin' thing wasn't the only thing gettin' on my nerves. Everywhere we went, salespeople and casheahs wanted to chat. Who's got time to chat? Even if there was a line behind you, they just took their time and no one seemed to care...except me. And the thing that really got me was that every casheah genuinely told us to enjoy our day and hoped it would be a good one. Something I did notice, howeva, was that everyone was smilin'--that I was not used to. In fact asics gel noosa tri 9 norge , the sales receipts in the smalla stores actually have, 'y'all come back now, you hear' inscribed. Since Noo Yawk is really a melting pot, food is easily available and extremely diverse. When I was pregnant, my constant cravin' was for Italian prosciuto and pignolis. Here, you are lucky if you can find anythin' with the name, 'Boars Head' on it and...basically everything is either fried or served with m.

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