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Electrostatic floor introduction electrostatic composite floor

in Die ignoranten Massen 12.06.2017 03:20
von qizhen0926 | 108 Beiträge | 648 Punkte

while the floor of the extremely long service life can reach more than 30 years. Through the above introduction, I believe we already know what electrostatic floor! About static floor size, small temporary is introduced to here, hope to help you understand the anti-static flooring, anti-static flooring for more knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network. As you all know,

the floor is commonly used in home decoration materials, today Xiaobian to introduce a new floor - electrostatic flooring. A lot of friends may ask, what is static floor? What are the categories of electrostatic floor? Electrostatic floor price is not expensive? Here and small series together to understand the classification and price of electrostatic floor. Electrostatic floor introduction electrostatic floor is a kind of anti-static floor,

also known as dissipative electrostatic floor. When it is connected to the ground or connected with any lower potential point, it can dissipate the charge of them and avoid static electricity. Because of this performance, the electrostatic floor has been widely used in each plant room. Two, static floor classification static floor because the characteristics and properties of different, can be divided into different kinds of static electricity floor, here Xiaobian to introduce the classification of static floor
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