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I recently saw a post on a watch forum by kids clothing free shipping a 14-yr old who said his folks got him a swank new Tag auto chrono ($2k +) as a Middle School graduation present and a reward for good grades. I also saw some recent posts re: old gold hamiltons that some might have gotten as bar mitzvah presents. Which had me wondering, what is an appropriate gift for someone that age? I tend to think a bar mitzvah is (or should be) something more special than a middle school graduation, but in any case, the questions are the same. How fancy is too fancy? I disapprove of giving a blingy $2k Tag to a 14-yr old, unless it's really meant to sit in a vault for a decade. Would it be different if it were, say, a conservative dress watch? Also, does one give a watch that's appropriate for wearing that age (which to my mind would be a Swatch or maybe a Seiko 5 Sport) or aim for something that in fact is for later in life, like a dress watch?

This is an interesting topic, tocque. There are a few factors that I would consider when choosing to gift a watch to a teenager. First off, watches today are not what they were before the ubiquity of personal electronics. Much like calculators, the need for a dedicated timekeeping device has been met by even the simplest dumbphone.
In order for a teenager to appreciate the watch as a tool, he needs to be engaged in the type of activities where a watch is superior to a phone/tablet; typically outdoor activities. It's easier to check your watch while snowboarding, sailing, hunting et al than it is to pull out a bulky phone, but if he's already on his iPad or laptop 24/7, it doesn't make much difference. Now, if a fourteen-year-old wants a watch as symbol of status, I would be very worried. Unless he's struck it rich creating a social network by that age, he hasn't earned the right to such a watch and will likely not appreciate it nor the work required to obtain it.
If he's the type that will appreciate it, and he deserves it, my suggestion would be a Timex. Analog display, quartz, traditional, resilient and inexpensive. If he can take care of it and shows interest in watches, a Seiko automatic would probably be next. Any heirloom type watches I think should wait until he's an adult and in a situation where it could be appreciated. I have a WWII-era mechanical stopwatch that I used to time my wife's contractions when she was in labor with my son. I had it engraved with the date and time of his birth and I plan to pass it down to him only if and when he has his first child.
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