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fifa 16 accounts an important distinction

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23.10.2015 05:13
von myfifashopmobi | 45 Beiträge | 270 Punkte

The other candidates erred in attacking Bartomeu in an effort to sway voters by landing haymakers, rather than convincing them by acting presidential, like an equal to Bartomeu. buy fifa 16 coins There was a moment of weakness when Bartomeu said that he was being prosecuted for actions of the club, in an attempt to stave off the baying hounds. Don’t throw the club under the bus. The president is the club. It’s an important distinction.

To say that Bartomeu’s candidacy isn’t distressing would be foolish. He was part of a board that has a number of shady acts in its past. Is he the board? Good question. Has he distanced himself from that board and the sins of it? Another good question. Here’s another one: If he isn’t that board, why did he stay?

“Although the bylaws specify that I continue as president after the resignation of Sandro Rosell, I am not comfortable with the decisions of the board that I was a part of, nor do I believe that a president should serve without the blessing of his electorate.” Bang.

When Sandro Rosell was bothered by the actions of Joan Laporta, he resigned from that board as a sign of protest, in the belief that though he could stay and work from within, that might imply agreement with that president’s direction and his actions. Bartomeu and Freixa have the same problem, of being unable to criticize or distance themselves from the actions of their predecessors, because they were part of parcel of those actions.

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