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fashion decoration composite decking

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so as to avoid the uneven heating, thermal expansion and contraction, leading to vessel rupture, home water overflows golden hill "". Geothermal floor has become a fashion decoration in home decoration, but we must pay more attention to details when shopping and paving, especially in the maintenance, we should be careful conservation. Geothermal floor maintenance skills, small house temporarily introduced here,

I hope to help you understand the geothermal floor, if you want to know more knowledge please continue to pay attention to heat the floor, house decoration net.As we all know, solid wood flooring, environmental protection, beauty, easy to care, has been the first choice of ground decoration materials. Then, how to clean and maintain the solid wood geothermal floor? Today, introduces the clean maintenance of solid wood flooring and floors for the reference of the maintenance of our home geothermal floor.

keep solid wood floors dry and clean, not allowed to mop the floor with dripping water, or alkaline water, soapy water, so as not to destroy the surface gloss of paint. If the air in the house is dry, the mop can be wet or put a basin of water on the heater or humidifier. 2, solid wood geothermal floor, preferably every three months, once wax, wax before the wood composite flooring, floor surface stains clean.
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